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Download the NEW Clinical Psychology M.A./Ph.D. Information Guide

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-The integration of Jungian and psychoanalytic psychology in this unique M.A./Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Program that is celebrating a 30-year history.

-The curriculum of the program and the four areas of study:

-Practicum Seminars
-Clinical Practice Courses
-Depth Psychology and the Humanities Courses
-Research and Scholarly Inquiry Courses

-The academic format of the program, which has been designed for the working adult.

-Coursework geared towards obtaining licensure.*
*While the program meets the requirements for the state of California, the curriculum may not meet all requirements that each state has for licensure in clinical psychology, and students are encouraged to check the requirements in the state(s) where they may be practicing.

All of Pacifica Graduate Institute's degree programs are accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC) and the Department of Education to offer financial aid.

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"When I was a student and later a tenure-track faculty at a large state university, I thought that my inner life and my professional life had to be divided. When I found Pacifica and our program, I was delighted to work in a place where we can openly integrate depth psychological principles in all aspects of our lives and work. It is this integration that I believe inspires us to be a community of students, faculty, and staff that share a commitment to tending the Soul in and of the World." —Oksana Yakushko, Program Chair