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Experience Pacifica

Application for Admission

Please submit all application documents (transcripts, letters of recommendations, personal statements etc.) to applicant@pacifica.edu.

Thank you so much for considering Pacifica Graduate Institute for your place of graduate studies. To get started with the application process, please fill out the form on your right. You will then be taken to our self-service my.pacifica.edu portal where you can finish entering your information. You do not need a user name or password to fill out the application and keep in mind that your application will not save. The $75 application fee must be paid prior to submitting your application.

Pacifica is currently accepting applications for all programs. For any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at 805.969.3626, ext. 305.

 Please note: The online application form makes use of pop up  windows and cookies. Please make sure that you have pop up    windows enabled for my.pacifica.edu and cookies turned on in  your web browser.


After we process your online application,  you will receive a program specific checklist of items to submit in order to complete your application.  To preview the requirements, click each section below for more details.


Official Transcripts showing the completion of your undergraduate degree and graduate degree(s) when applicable.

Letters of Recommendation

Two signed Letters of Recommendation and the Admissions Recommendation forms for the MA programs and Three signed Letters of Recommendation and the Admissions Recommendation forms for the MA/PhD, PhD and PsyD programs; one academic, one professional, and one academic or professional. Please note that the recommender must sign both the letter of recommendation and the recommendation form. You are encouraged to consider signing the waiver statement that appears on each recommendation form as a means of providing confidentiality for your references. Click here to download the form.


List all previous and present work experience, including appropriate dates and job descriptions. Include lists of the following, if applicable: areas of research interest; professional and clinical licenses held; clinical settings in which you have worked, and in what capacity; any publications you have to your credit, where they appeared, and dates published.

Personal Statement

Please describe your professional and academic areas of interest related to depth psychology and your program of interest, and discuss how this degree would advance your professional and academic goals. Address your potential for success in the program, including anticipated strengths and challenges, and add any other information you feel is important for the Admissions Committee to consider.

Writing Sample

MA in Depth Psychology and Creativity: 4-7 page writing sample. The program welcomes both creative and academic writing samples. The program prefers recent samples, and applicants may submit more than one type of writing. Examples include: A short research paper with references, an essay or article aimed at either a scholarly or general audience, a chapter from a memoir, a chapter or two from a novel, a collection of poetry with some accompanying commentary, a screenplay or stage play with accompanying commentary.

MA in Counseling Psychology: Please submit an APA formatted academic writing sample, preferably pertaining to psychology, counseling, relationships or human experience. The piece may be a term paper you have written in the past, a publication, a work in progress, or a new piece of work. The writing sample should be 4-6 pages in length.

MA/PhD in Mythological Studies: Please submit an academic writing sample, preferably pertaining to mythology, religious studies, literature, psychology, or the art. The piece may be a term paper you have written in the past, a publication, a work in progress, or a new piece of work. This paper should be a minimum of 10 pages.

For all other MA/PhD, PhD and PsyD programs: Please submit an example of a graduate or undergraduate paper. This paper should demonstrate critical thinking skills and capacity for research. This could include a research paper, relevant published article, or the literature review chapter from an M.A. or honors thesis. We recommend submitting 8-10 pages for the M.A./Ph.D., Ph.D. and Psy.D. programs academic research paper written in APA style with citations and a minimum of 3 references.

Application Form

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