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Download the NEW M.A./Ph.D. in Psychology, Religion, and Consciousness Online Program Information Guide

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Enrolling for Fall 2024 Pending Approval from the U.S. Department of Education

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  • This program engages rigorously with a diverse range of phenomena in the study of human consciousness, including psychology of the unconscious, altered states of consciousness, and religious experiences.
  • This program uniquely integrates various academic inquiries, synthesizing interdisciplinary knowledge and fostering creative exploration of consciousness-related topics.
  • In response to the growing secularism and shift away from traditional religious practices, the program addresses the quest for deeper life meaning, self-knowledge, and direct religious experience in modern society.
  • The program's learning objectives include articulating and applying key concepts, critically analyzing theoretical approaches, conducting original research, exploring introspective capacities, and evaluating the interdisciplinary nature of psychology, religion, and consciousness studies.
  • Students also learn to analyze the relevance of these studies in the context of 21st-century conditions, such as globalization, diversity, ethical concerns, and various ways of knowing.

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