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Download the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Information Guide


Enter your name and email to download the 2017-2018 Clinical Psychology information guide. Read more about:

-The integration of Jungian and psychoanalytic psychology in this unique Ph.D. Clinical Psychology program.

-The curriculum of the program and the four areas of study:

-Practicum Seminars
-Clinical Practice Courses
-Depth Psychology and the Humanities Courses
-Research and Scholarly Inquiry Courses

-The academic format of the program, which has been designed for the working adult.

-The degree requirements of the program, including practicum, internship, and personal therapy hours, the Comprehensive Examinations, and dissertation. 

Download Information Guide

"When I was a student and later a tenure-track faculty at a large state university, I thought that my inner life and my professional life had to be divided. When I found Pacifica and our program, I was delighted to work in a place where we can openly integrate depth psychological principles in all aspects of our lives and work. It is this integration that I believe inspires us to be a community of students, faculty, and staff that share a commitment to tending the Soul in and of the World." â€”Oksana Yakushko, Program Chair